The mid-life me…

What is mid-life? If I can live up to 80 years old, my mid-life should starts around 40’s… Is mid-life really a crisis? Hmm…my husband once told me, if there is a crisis, there will be an opportunity! In this context, I guess mid-life is when you take a step back to see where you were, to where you are now and to where you want to be…

I do find people enjoy and appreciate different things at different stages of life’s…During my early 20’s, chilling out at night with friends was one of the major course, worries free, commitments free, stress free and we talked about things were really seems important in our later life…At times, simplicity can be beautiful even with little money, owning inexpensive materials, dined-in inexpensive restaurant but you can enjoy the freedom of mind and soul…

In my early 30’s, my life is all about kids, kids and nothing but kids….The day seems so long and the night seems so short. When I first gave birth to my first daughter (Chloe), it seems she was my everything, never felt such strong love-ties between us. I cut my hair short, trimmed my nails short, it was quite a tremendous lifestyle changed when you have your first-born. That was a moment I felt Chloe was like a third-partyto our marriage, she took away all the attentions, love and care…feeling unimportant and neglected but as we see Chloe growing day by day, her smiles, her looks and her everything has sipped deeply into our hearts where the world seems fulfilled by just having her in our life’s!

Soon after a year, I gave birth to my second daughter (Alexis), it was really tough juggling both work and family, my routines were surrounded by late night work (after settling down the kids to bed), breastfeeding, cuddling, nappy changing and many more… At times, I felt lost and burnt out, asking myself what is the point of doing all these, it seems never-ending!

I’ve read a book saying woman’s mood is like  wave, it goes up and down and what is important is to go with the waves, by embracing your true emotions will help you to have better self-understanding, courage’s to move on with your life and good things will definitely come along if you believe in it! 

Years in years out with lots of memories, worries, tiredness, frustration and many more mixed feelings that made up my past 5 years! Kids have grown up day by day with lesser attentions and more time for myself that’s where I guess my mid-life kicks in by looking back my accomplishment checklist. Health came out to be in my no. 1 list, I started heading to gym, swimming and hiking, cutting down sugar intake and eating consciously with healthier diet. ‘Sweat is good’ has became part of my routine! I enjoy truthful conversations with friends, l learn and practice ‘看穿但不说穿’, it means ‘the truth is better be kept than be spoken’. Living in the moment makes me appreciate the little things in life and constantly challenge myself to be a better me!

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