Making us proud?

There was once a man asked Chloe about her academic achievements, of course given her who doesn’t really strike super well academically, it didn’t impress him at all and he had made a statement like ‘children supposed to excel academically to make their parents proud’…

Do we really want our children to make us proud by being the top students in the class, by attending various enrichment classes to be multi-talented? Are the parents competing and comparing their kids too often? Jack Ma has once mentioned that he only aimed for his children to score an average academically because by scoring great grade means the kids have to sacrifice their time in developing others skills.

There are lots of little things that our children can actually make us proud if we able to pause for a moment and appreciate the little things…

I am very proud of Chloe’s determination of learning to ride on a bicycle, she was so afraid of falling and yet kept telling herself that she could do it, I saw courages and determination through her eyes and at the same time I saw fear and worries. She spent almost an hour a day just to practice her balancing skill and total 6 days to be successfully rode on a bicycle. Personally, the length of the practice wasn’t really matter but what matters the most was I was there to witness her emotional growth, giving her moral support, watching her improving day by day…

It makes me feel proud when Chloe told me she kinds of like performing on stage now. Again, she has overcome her stage fright over times. I still remembering her first audition during her kindergarten, she sang the song ‘Love Story’ by Taylor Swift. Practically she was just mumbling, her voice was soft and zero showmanship. There was once she performed solo in Bentley Music Academy, her voice was sweet but it was obvious that she was very nervous. I am proud to see her confidence level has grown day by day even she still doesn’t sing like a pro or being very outstanding on the stage but what matters the most is the process of getting there, it takes courageous and efforts…

I am proud when Alexis first admitted her wrong doing and learning to apologize. For a strong-will child like her, sorry seems to be the hardest word. It takes a lot of self-reflection moments and courageous. Besides, leadership by example is equally important. By saying ‘ I am sorry’ to our children, it shows that no ones are perfect, adults will make mistakes as well. What’s more important is to admit our wrong doing, learn the mistakes and move on with life!

I am proud when my girls show kindness and sympathy when I am tired. A simple gesture of tucking me in my blanket, an offer of a massage session, stroking my forehead asking me to rest early and making sure I have my meal. It touches and warms my heart!

There are plentiful of little things that our children can make us proud other than academic or performing arts, we just need to pause for that moment and appreciate the little things! Emotionally and physically growth are equally important than academically.

Let’s be proud and celebrate the little things!

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