The Little Things in Life…

I still remembered when I was a working mum, competing with time was one of my main task in my daily life! Settling kids to kindergarten and nanny’s house in the morning, drove an hour to office, meeting, work, meeting and work…6PM! Time to leave in order to make it on time to pick up my kids, stuck for another hour in traffic! Spent 1-2 hours bonding time with kids and most of the time dozed off with kids!

Over times, I’ve lost touch with the little things in my life, sleep deprived, lack of ‘me’ time, busy with work and house chores. Sometimes, I’ve tried to squeeze or steal time for myself over a facial appointment or quick chill out with friends but some how there was a guilt feeling of leaving the kids behind…

I am very grateful that after 10 years of working in the corporate world, I have an opportunity to be a stay-at-Home-mum (SAHM). As a sahm allows me to re-prioritize my time but it is definitely not an easy job as well. Or put it in another way, it depends on what path you’ve chosen. The easy effortless way or the full fledge way. Of course I’ve chosen the later one, I started to learn baking, cooking, doing small little things such as giving a surprise gift when fetching my girls after school, prepare a theme breakfast or snack box, taking them out for a morning walk or evening stroll, DIY art and craft, take part in their school activities, plan for girls sleepover party and many more. By planning and getting involved in their activities, indirectly has reduced their time spend on gadgets and TV. I disliked using tv or gadgets to baby sit my girls but having said that, they do have their tv and gadgets time under supervision and time control.

What is exactly the little things in life? In my context it will be living in the moment and taking one step at a time, appreciating the surroundings, enjoying the laughters and capturing the moment!

Most of the time, I will try to arrive at the school gate 10mins earlier to welcome and comfort them and indirectly send an emotional message that I am always here for them. Chatting and sharing their school life’s are our routines while driving home. Holding their hands and looking into their eyes while having either a comforting or apologetic conversation open up our hearts and bond us closer each time. Simple play time such as acting, guessing or even home made ninja warrior have deposited lots of memories and laughters. Tucking them in bed and kissing them good night seems to be a routined that couldn’t be missed.

Overtime, it seems I’ve been doing too much for the girls. Thus, striking a balance in between is important as I’ve learnt from the ‘burnt-out’ me when I was working. Thus, I would never felt guilty anymore when I squeeze or steal time for myself. Heading to gym, hanging out with friends, taking an afternoon nap makes me feel better and stronger mentally.

It doesn’t mean only sahm can have the privilege of enjoying the little things in life, it all boils down to the prioritization as every individual has only 24 hours a day. Sometimes appreciating the little things only require 10mins of your time. It always a choice that we make, choose whatever path is comfortable and always learn to strike a balance and remembered a healthy family builds from healthy parents inside out!

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