The emotional development in children (心理成长)

I am a strong believer of the importance of a child’s emotional development, the behaviors and attitudes in adulthood has very strong correlation with the emotional growth during their childhood.

I have a friend named Susan, she demonstrated a strong character in the sense that it seems she knows everything under the sun, even though she mights be wrong at times. She enjoys proving herself to be a capable person, to take lead and to dare herself on impossible tasks but sometimes it seems she has gone overboard. After getting to know her better, I started to realize that her strong character mainly due to her childhood growth as she grew up in a typical family which emphasizes on male than female. With little or no attention from her parents, she fought hard to seek their attention, she has to prove her capabilities in order to gain love and acknowledgement from her parents. It seems the suppressed of the attention and love has shaped her character of wanted to be the best at all time in order for her to excel in her career or life.

My cousin brother named Alex was born in an average but loving family. Strong bonding were build since young with lots of outings, togetherness and openness have enlightened him the importance of family values. He holds very strong family values in building his own family, trust and commitment are the building blocks, he is honest and truthful to his wife. He enjoys spending time with his family and emphasizes the importance of a father’s loves towards his daughters. He shadows what his father has done in building a loving family and it seems the cycle has repeated by itself from generations to generations.

If you observe people around you, their behaviors actually very much influenced by their up bringing and environment in their childhood. Characters and behaviors are build over a period or time and it shapes a person’s core values and perspectives towards life. Thus, while we emphasizing our children physically and academically nor socially growth, always remembered mental health or emotionally growth are equally important!