Little Helping Hands…

Recently Chloe and Alexis school have a fund raising program in support for the under privileged children in Sabah and being the typical Asian parents, the first reaction was like ~ another extra task for parents, what will be the easiest way or least effort to get the form filled or how to collect big sum of money so the kids will feel great and proud of their achievements…

When I paused for a moment and thought over it, should we repeat the history on how our parents used to help us on this kind of fund raising program or should we make changes instead…

Thus, I decided to put in a little more efforts by getting the girls to design their donation box and not forgotten the boxes were build and modified by my Mr. Fix It, their beloved daddy…

Secondly, getting the girls to be hands-on in baking some cookies as a token of appreciation in return to the donors and perhaps it will make us feel better of just going around for donation.

Thirdly, we are set to go…

We are really blessed and grateful to be surrounded by a wonderful neighborhood who are very supportive and generous in caring and giving back to the society.

This small action might seems insignificant in contributing to the society but I am glad to see Chloe leading her little sister in explaining and raising awareness around our neighborhood. I always enjoy and appreciate seeing them growing confidently in talking to people, their courages to speak up and not forgotten their honest and unsophisticated acts.

After all, the essence of this little act is not about the total amount collected but is the process and great moments of togetherness has again deposited great bonding and bring us closer as a family. Hope this little gesture able to induce compassion and kindness within them.

I might not be nurturing multi-talented kids but hope I am on the right track of nurturing loving and caring children.

Little helping hands, touching hearts, touching life’s…

3 thoughts on “Little Helping Hands…”

  1. This was amazing !
    I’m so happy to see this, the effort, the empathy, the compassion in this post was being reflected in everything from words to pictures to the sharing of the whole experience.
    I’m glad to read this 🙂
    Looking forward to read about more such experiences
    And the pictures were so innocent and beautiful ❤
    🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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