The rhythm of footsteps…šŸ‘£

I still remembering the day you were born, your tiny little feet engraved deeply in my heart… our pleasure and misery seems grasped by your little heart…I saw hope, freedom of soul and love through your eyes…

You taught us to slow down in our busy life while we taught you to take a step at a time, you taught us how to juggled work life balanced while we taught you balanced of walking. You looked up to us as we were your everything while we looked down at you as you mean the world to us…

You were on your own walking and running steadily and at times you turned back and smiled at us, I wondered how much and how fast had you grown…Blessedly all these memories were captured through our lens…

At times, you seems have to doubled your footsteps in order to keep up with us…while we were perpetually measuring your heights against us, you have unknowingly kept up to our pace…

The day when your footsteps outpaced us will be the day we have to let go our hands…Questions are running through my mind ~ will it be hard for us to keep up with you? will we annoy you for trying to learn new tech. from you?

While you are busy with your work and family, will you turn around and take a look at us and remembering how you taught us to strive for work life balanced?

Will you take us for a stroll remembering how we walked you step by step…will you kneel down and look into our wrinkled eyes seeing love through our souls?

The day when the rhythm of our footsteps stopped will be the day our worries stopped too…Spread your wings and soar in the sky while we say our prayers to you eternity…

Parenthood is a beautiful journey!

‘When the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly!’ šŸ¦‹ Richard Bach

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