Curry Fish Head with Prawns


Fish Head (cut into half)     1 whole

Prawns (optional)     20pcs

Salted fish head (fried)     half head

Round Cabbage     1 whole

Brinjal     1 whole

Long Bean     200gm

Coconut Milk     200gm

Curry Leaves     10 stalks

Lemon Grass (sliced)    3 stalks

Galangal (sliced)   2 -3 slices

Fresh Chilli (deseed & cut into strip)     1 whole

Water (to be adjusted accordingly)     500ml

Salt     2 tsp

Sugar     3 tsp

Soya sauce     2 tbsp

Curry Paste (to blend)

Lemon Grass     5 stalks

Shallots     250gm

Garlic     8 – 10 cloves

Ginger     2 inches

Tumeric     50gm

Candlenut (Buah keras)     10gm

Galangal (lengkuas)     10gm

Fresh Chilli     15pcs

Dried Chilli     20pcs

Water (adjust based on the paste texture)

fish curry powder (mix in with the paste)     2 tbsp

Cooking Oil     80gm



Step 1: Fish head and prawns


  • Marinate fish head and prawns with salt and pepper.
  • Steam until half cooked in boiling water.
  • Discard the steam water.

Step 2 Cook it!

  • Heat up cooking oil and cook curry paste on medium fire until fragrance and oil are separated from the paste. Add in half coconut milk in between time, it helps to induce oil and minimize usage of cooking oil. (about 15 – 20mins)
  • Add in lemon grass, galangal, curry leaves and fresh chilli, continue to cook until fragrance. (about 10 -15mins)
  • Add in fried salted fish, fish head and prawns, continue cooking for another 10 -15mins.
  • Add in water in between time staggeredly.
  • Add in fish head and prawns, cook for 5 – 10mins.
  • Add in the cooked vegetables and the remainder coconut milk.
  • Add salt, sugar and soya sauce to taste.
  • Serve with hot steam rice!